View of the inside of the Colosseum from the Gladiator's Arena floor and underground
Tourists in Rome listening to their tour guide inside the Colosseum
View of the Roman Forum in Rome on a sunny day
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Skip the Line

Colosseum Underground Tour with Arena Floor, 3rd Tier & Roman Forum

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2.5 h.
Several Departure Times

Our Underground Colosseum Tour with Skip-the-Line access is ideal for those who want to delve deeper into this ancient Roman theater. Our tour takes you down to the underground “backstage” where you can see the inner workings of the amphitheater. You’ll also be given special access to the arena to get a gladiator’s view. After, you will skip-the-line to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill to share the stories and legends behind the architecture.

  • Enjoy special Skip-the-Line access to the Colosseum’s hidden Underground “Backstage” section
  • Gaze up at the seating circles like a Gladiator from the reconstructed arena floor
  • Listen as your expert guide regales you with tales of past events and the spectacles of entertainment
  • Get inspired  by the view of the amphitheater from the 3rd tier
  • Enjoy Skip-the-Line access to the political center of Rome: the Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Dedicated audio headsets, so you can hear your guide
  • Groups of less than 24 people

Delve into the Depths of the Colosseum Underground

What's Included

  • English-speaking tour guide who is an expert on Ancient Rome
  • Small groups of less than 24 people
  • Skip-the-Line special access at the Colosseum Underground Area, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Access to the 3rd tier depending on chosen option
  • Includes all reservation fees and entrance tickets
  • Dedicated audio headsets so you can focus on the sights without missing a word
  • Gratuities

Sites Visited

  • Colosseum
  • Special access to Underground, Arena Floor
  • Access to the 3rd tier depending on chosen option
  • Roman Forum and Via Sacra
  • Palatine Hill

Our Colosseum Underground Tour allows you to see the most impressive entertainment venue in the ancient world from multiple viewpoints.

Put Yourself in Gladiators Sandals

You’ll begin your Underground tour at the back entrance to the Colosseum, away from the normal tourist lines. Your guide will take you below to the restricted Underground section to see how the grand events were orchestrated. Then you’ll get to ascend through the main gladiator entrance on to the floor of the Arena. Imagine the drama that took place here between the encircling walls and the buzz of the 80,000 strong crowds that packed the seats. From the arena floor, your guide will lead you up the vomitoriums to see what it was like for those who could cheer at the bloody events from the safety of their seats*.

Feel the Republic come to Life

After the Colosseum use our Skip-the-Lines access to enter the political center of Rome, the Ancient Forum. You’ll walk through the temples built by triumphant Emperors along the Via Sacra, the same road which battle-hardened soldiers walked on as they returned home to a city that many of them no longer recognized. From this public space, the pressure created by an expansionist empire and the needs of the growing citizens was channeled into vast building projects like the Colosseum.

Breath in the clear air where the City was born

You’ll also be able to see the actual birthplace of Rome on Palatine Hill. This was where the siblings Romulus and Remus were rescued from the Tiber. Their own personal conflict over territory led to the foundation of Rome as a city. Later, the hill was used by Emperors to legitimize their own authority. You will enjoy the same vantage point from the hill as successive Roman Emperors.

Discover the Real Stories of Rome

This tour will bring to life the sweltering conditions beneath the Colosseum where gladiators, captured criminals, Christian martyrs, and wild animals waited to meet their fate in just two and an half hours**. You’ll also stroll through the wide-open public spaces of the Forum and up to the lofty heights associated with the kings and Emperors. You’ll uncover what went on below the surface of Ancient Rome, whether it was gladiators becoming noble warriors, orators becoming leaders or Emperors becoming divine gods.

*Note that access to the 3rd tier might not be included and if so, the tour price will be lower.

**Please note that in February and March, depending on Colosseum time entrance slot, the tour might be 1h longer.


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