The world’s smallest sovereign state punches far above its weight in terms of things to experience and see. Maybe you’ve chosen one of our Vatican City tours to enjoy a special experience in the Holy See or you’ve picked a Vatican City tour to fulfill a promise to yourself for the purpose of pilgrimage or to see great art.

A tour of the Vatican City will be one of the biggest highlights of your trip to Rome. Our tours are specifically designed to provide you with the best possible Vatican Museums experience. With that in mind our post below will give you added tips and tricks on how to ensure your visit to the Vatican is extra special.

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Family exploring St. Peter's Square

The Vatican is an incredibly popular location that takes the top spot on many travelers’ bucket lists. As a result, the long lines of people waiting to enter the Vatican Museums are as legendary as the Vatican itself!

But that’s not a problem when you travel with us. All of our Vatican tours guarantee you earlier skip the line access or VIP early access into the Vatican Museums, or specific parts of it, depending on the tour you choose. You’ll simply bypass the crowds when you tour with us.

It’s also worth mentioning that early morning until mid-morning is generally a less busy time to visit the Vatican Museums. Many of our tours run throughout the day and you can choose a time that suits you best.

If you’re travelling as a family with young children, we recommend choosing one of our shorter tours in the morning. Surprisingly for many people, young children enjoy many different aspects of the Vatican Museums, but the key is to pick a tour that caters to their tastes.

Being respectful at the Vatican Museums

The Sistine Chapel

The Vatican Museums is made up of many different parts. One of the most famous monuments within the entire Vatican area is the Sistine Chapel.

Once known as the Cappella Magna, the Sistine Chapel is famous for its Renaissance paintings and frescoes painted by Michelangelo. Many of these artworks hold religious significance for people, and for others they are works of immeasurable beauty.

Either way, it’s necessary to be respectful in your attitude and dress when you’re in the Sistine Chapel. After all, it is a place of worship.

It is forbidden to speak while in the chapel. Some people around you may be in prayer. Both men and women also need to have their arms, shoulders and legs covered. That means no sleeveless tops are allowed. No short dresses or miniskirts for women, and no shorts for men. Also, hats are not permitted for men nor women. It’s advisable to follow this dress code for young children too.

Enjoy extras in the Vatican City

Breakfast at the Vatican

Don’t be mistaken, the Vatican City covers a vast piece of ground. You can spend as long as you like exploring (our Full Day Vatican tour is 10 hours) or go on a tour for a shorter period of time (we offer more than 10 tours).

Regardless of whether you’re on a long or short tour, it’s unlikely that you’ll see everything that the Vatican Museums have to offer. What’s more, you don’t want to spend your time exploring the Vatican Museums running from one exhibit to the next.

The best advice is to think about what you want your Vatican Museums experience to be, and then choose a tour that promises to deliver this.

One of our most special Vatican City tours is a five hour experience that includes an American breakfast and time in the Vatican Gardens.

We begin our tour a full 90 minutes before other visitors are permitted to enter the Vatican City. Experiencing this awe-inspiring place for yourself without any crowds is a treat worth writing home about. Our tour company is the only tour operator to offer this exclusive benefit.

Before being being introduced to some of the magnificent art within the walls of the Vatican, its time to relax in the Vatican Cafeteria with an American breakfast. You’ll enjoy a buffet spread of pastries, breakfasts, jams, eggs made to order and pancakes. Coffee and fresh fruit juices will keep you hydrated for the rest of your tour.

A private coach will pick you up after your yummy breakfast and whisk you away to explore religious treasures and valuable artworks within the Museums. You’ll explore for three hours, with your guide on hand to share the stories behind the masterpieces and answer any of your questions.

Having spent time in the Vatican Museums and Garden, your tour concludes with a highlight you’ll remember forever. Your intimate tour group will be invited to enter St. Peter’s Basilica where more art treasures await to be discovered.

Most famous of all of these treasures is Michelangelo’s “Pieta” and the Basilica’s beautiful dome. Enjoy taking in all the beauty before you; these memories will last a lifetime.

The Vatican your way

The Gallery of Maps in the early-morning

Experiencing the Vatican City is a privilege and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your discovery of this revered sovereign state is what you want it to be. Whether you’re visiting the Vatican City to get up close to some of the most stunning artworks in the world, or you’re here for more personal faith-based reasons, we have the perfect tour for you.