Italy is popular among foodies, and the tourists who flock to the capital every year are always keen to try the best pizza in Rome. While pizza is originally from Naples in the Campania region, that doesn’t mean that Rome isn’t home to some incredible pizzerias and restaurants serving mouthwatering slices of cheesy goodness. You’ll find some of our favorites below!

Pizza E Mozzarella

Large pizzas at Pizza e Mozzarella in Rome

Large Pizzas at Pizza e Mozzarella in Rome

This place might be small but what it lacks in space, it makes up for a million times over in flavor and authenticity. It has been described by some as life-changing, and labeled the best pizza in the world by a few previous visitors. You pay for your pizza by weight and if you can’t get a spot inside, it’s worth popping in to get a takeaway slice anyway - it’s not far from Piazza della Minerva, a square near the Pantheon. Sit here and people watch or admire the architecture as you tuck in to a piece of delicious pizza! If you do manage to bag a seat inside, be sure to chat to the friendly owner and staff who make this one of the places to get the best pizza in Rome. You can find Pizza E Mozzarella at Via del Piè di Marmo 32.

Casa Manco

Stracciatella chesse and pumpking flower pizza at Casa Manco in Rome

Pumpkin Flower and Stracciatella cheese Pizza at Casa Manco

With vegetarian and vegan options available, this place comes highly recommended for tasty, smooth and artisanal pizza. The service is friendly and the menu is varied - you’ll be spoilt for choice. Located in the Trastevere area, this is perfect if you’re staying a little further out from the center of town and want to hang out somewhere less crowded. You’ll find some really unique toppings at Casa Manco: zucchini flowers, fennel, orange, almonds, hummus and so much more! Everything about this restaurant just oozes fun and flavor, and you won’t be disappointed when you bite into a slice of their delicious pizza. You can find Casa Manco at Via Aldo Manuzio 66C Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio, Box 22.

Pizza Zizza Caffetteria Birreria Desserteria

Chef pizzaiolo making a pear pizza at Pizza Zizza in Rome

Pizzaiolo making a pear pizza at Pizza Zizza

For some of the best pizza in Rome on a budget, head here! Not far from the Vatican, this is the perfect location for a spot of lunch if you’re heading out to see what Vatican City has to offer. You can get a platter of 7 different types of pizza for less than ten euros, which is a great way to try out the huge range of toppings and flavors they have on offer. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and you get an amazing view of St. Peter’s and the Vatican as you chow down. What more could you want?! You can find Pizza Zizza Caffetteria Birreria Desserteria at Via Delle Fornaci 11.

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Rione 13

Beautiful Marinara pizza at Rione 13 Restaurant in Rome

Pizza at Rione 13 in Rome

Pizza isn’t always about grab and go - sometimes the best pizza in Rome is found where food and fine dining go hand in hand, like Rione 13. They have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options as well as an extensive wine list and a really varied gourmet menu. The whole menu is impeccable but the wood-fired pizza in particular comes highly recommended, so this is perfect if you’re planning a special meal out but still really want pizza: who wouldn’t? It’s nothing too over the top, but the attentive staff and interesting flavors make for a really lovely evening meal - though they do offer brunch and lunch too! You can find Rione 13 at Via Roma Libera 19.

Mama Eat

Mortadella and Pistachio Gluten-free pizza at Mamma Eat in Rome

Gluten-free pizza at Mamma Eat

If you particularly need gluten-free food while in Rome, nowhere comes more highly spoken of than Mama Eat. They have a huge range of gluten-free dishes, including pizzas and Montanere, which is a mini fried pizza! Anything on the menu can be made gluten-free, and there is so much to choose from. The texture of the pizzas here is incredible, really puffy and soft and exactly what you’d want from the best pizza in Rome! They have a street food sister shop in Vatican City, too, meaning you can get amazing gluten-free pizza on the go as well. Sightseeing is all fun and games, but sometimes you just really want a pizza… You can find Mama Eat at Via di S. Cosimato 7/9.

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