Rome is known for it’s stunning architecture and rich, colorful history. From the Vatican to the Colosseum, the city is full of wonders at every turn. You will never be bored on a vacation in Rome - and you’ll never go hungry, either. The Eternal City is jam-packed with food vendors, family-run cafés and decadent restaurants, eager to invite you to eat their delicious offerings. The best food tours in Rome will give you a glimpse of the city’s eateries, and our expert, English-speaking tour guides will be happy to give you some recommendations. But to give you a taste of what you can expect on a trip to Rome, here are some of the city’s best restaurants…

Barred, Via Cesena

Tasty Fettucine pasta at the Barred Restaurant in Rome

Fettucine pasta at the Barred Restaurant

If it’s somewhere hip and cool that you want to eat, Barred is the place for you. From orange wines to alternative music on the playlist, you’ll enjoy sitting back and relaxing here. Run by two brothers, the restaurant has a well-curated menu featuring tapas and seasonal ingredients. Sautéed spinach and mushroom ragù are just two of the interesting dishes you will find on the menu in this cozy restaurant.

Mama Eat, Trastevere

Beautiful Gluten Free pizza at Mama Eat in Rome

Gluten free pizza at Mama Eat

If you stick to a gluten-free diet, Mama Eat is ideal for you. Everything on their menu can be created safely gluten-free, even their mini fried pizzas! There is an entirely separate kitchen (and chef) for the gluten-free dishes, which are served on glass plates in order to distinguish them from regular food. So you can eat here in the knowledge that everything is completely safe for you. Their pasta and fried fish dishes come highly recommended!

They have a sister restaurant too, Mama Eat Street Food, located within the Vatican City. Everything on the menu is gluten-free and delicious; cones of fish and chips, fried-chicken sandwiches, donuts and more - you’ll be spoilt for choice, and again safe in the knowledge that the food is perfectly fine for you to eat and enjoy! Mama Eat is often labelled as one of the best gluten-free restaurants in the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

100% BIO, Piazza di Porta San Paolo

Vegan dinner at 100% BIO restaurant in Rome

Vegan dinner at 100% BIO Restaurant

Looking for vegan food in Rome? 100% BIO has it all, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner all completely vegan. Their coffees come highly recommended, and the food is a buffet style that you pay for by weight. While it isn’t the cheapest place to eat in Rome, it comes highly recommended as a great vegan experience in the Eternal City.

Frascati, Roman Countryside

Typical Frascati restaurant in the countryside of Rome

Restaurant at the Pallavicini Vineyard

Our Half Day Roman Countryside Vineyard Estate Tour and Wine Tasting is one of the best food tours in Rome. You’ll get to enjoy a delicious wine tasting, paired with some gorgeous Italian bruschetta, in stunning countryside surroundings. Learn about the process of wine making and see the underground remains of a real Roman aqueduct!

Ristorante Il Tempio di Iside, Via Pietro Verri

Fresh Fish and Sea Food at Restaurant Tempio di Iside

Fresh Fish and Sea Food at Restaurant Tempio di Iside

Want to eat near the Colosseum? Head to Tempio di Iside for seafood, Mediterranean dishes and much more. Their lobster is said to be some of the best in the city, and the whole experience is one that you won’t regret. A trip to Rome is something special and visiting this restaurant is a way of making it even more so! Tip: try the seafood risotto…

Pizzarium Bonci, Via della Meloria

Peach and Chicory Pizza at Pizzarium Bonci

Peach and Chicory Pizza at Pizzarium Bonci

Pizza is probably the food most synonymous with the Italians - and Rome has some fantastic pizza. You’ll find some of the best at Pizzarium Bonci, where you pay by the size of the slice. The pumpkin pizza comes highly recommended, and the service here is great. No trip to Rome is complete without tasting some authentic Italian pizza, and you can’t go wrong here. While it might be slightly more expensive than the average pizza, it’ll taste much better!

Panino Divino, Vatican City

Delicious Sandwiches at Panino Divino Restaurant in Rome

Panini at Panino Divino

Hungry after exploring the wealth of artifacts and winding corridors throughout the Vatican? Grab a sandwich from Panino Divino, who do some of the most high-rated sandwiches in the whole of Rome. With generous portion sizes and a huge variety of fillings, this is the perfect on-the-go snack to boost your energy levels for some more sightseeing.

Best of Rome by Night with Wine and Appetizers

Pantheon at night

A walking tour is how to see Rome best. Food tours in Rome will give you an insight into the delicious dishes created in the city, and walking tours will allow you to see so much of what the Italian capital has to offer. Our Best of Rome Evening Walking Tour with Wine and Appetizers takes you to the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and more - as well as showing you what typical Italian appetizers are…

La Pergola, Via Alberto Cadlolo

Luxurious restaurant called La Pergola in Rome

La Pergula Restaurant

If you want seafood and something special, La Pergola is ideal. Located inside the Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri Hotel, this is a whole experience rather than just a meal - there is a 10-course tasting menu including dishes such as ‘kingfish on a bed of shaved strawberry ice with almond mousse and lime’. Cooked by world-famous chef Heinz Beck, this is definitely a way to have a night to remember in the Eternal City.

Rome is one of the best cities in the world. From its busy squares to its quiet back streets and everywhere in between, you’ll find a bar or restaurant crying out for you to step inside and sample the delights on offer. There is never a dull moment in Rome; art museums, beautiful churches, street performers, day trips, the best food tours. In Rome, there are around 14,000 restaurants. While you won’t get to try them all in one trip, it does mean there are plenty to choose from when trying to decide where to eat. With eateries catering to all budgets and dietary requirements, you can happily explore the city with a satisfied stomach!