Rome, Italy’s Eternal City, is absolutely beautiful. From the views to the architecture to the incredible history, there is so much to see and appreciate. And what better time to do that than as the sun sets? Here are the best places to watch the sunset on a Rome city tour!

Giardino degli Aranci

Also known as the Orange Garden, this is where the Spanish Saint Dominic is said to have planted the first orange tree in Rome. It is a garden full of colorful trees, plenty of statues, some ancient ruins and a fountain. Giardino degli Aranci is one of the most romantic areas in Rome, and a photographer’s dream.

Beyond the greenery, you’ll be treated to views of Rome’s most beautiful buildings from simple houses to St. Peter’s Dome. Of course, these are even more special when touched by the golden tones of the setting sun. It’s free to get into the Orange Garden, and to get there you need to take Line B to Circo Massimo. From here it’s an 11-minute walk, meaning that most of the time it’s not too crowded!

Janiculum Terrace

This is a terrace on a simple hill that offers a beautiful view of the city. It is actually the second tallest hill in Rome but it is west of the Tiber and therefore falls outside of the boundaries of the ancient city - meaning it is not counted as one of the famous and proverbial Seven Hills of Rome. However, the panoramic views of the Vatican and the city of Rome itself are incredible. Seeing the rooftops and spires wrapped in dusky gold is something special.

If you’re staying in the Trastevere area, it is definitely worth visiting one evening after taking one of our tours of Rome. From Gianicolense/Massi in Trastevere, take the 710 towards Carini. It is around a nine-minute journey, and from Carinin/S. Pancrazio the terrace is just a few minutes’ walk away. Being that it is not in the center of the city, it is one of the quieter places to enjoy the setting sun.

Villa Borghese Park

Located within the park is Terrazza del Pincio, or Pincio Terrace. It is an observation deck that offers another panoramic view of Rome - and it faces west, so the sunset is particularly spectacular from here. The way the light falls on the terracotta rooftops of Piazza del Popolo beneath, and on St. Peter’s Dome too, is an amazing sight to behold.

After watching the sun fade away, you can take a walk around the park itself too. Villa Borghese is the third largest public park in Rome, and it contains a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre among villas, museums, fountains and more. It takes less than twenty minutes to reach the park on foot from the center of Rome, and it is well worth the walk.


Also known as Capitoline Hill, this is one of the aforementioned seven hills of Rome. It offers a panoramic view of the Roman Forum - history lovers will watch in awe as the dying sunlight wraps itself around the ancient ruins and casts shadows across the area.

From the center of Rome, it takes around 20 minutes to reach Capitoline Hill on foot. It is included in many Rome tours, and is well worth seeing no matter what time of day - sunset just feels extra special, knowing people have watched the sun set from that very spot for thousands of years.

St. Peter’s Dome

No visit to Rome is complete without visiting the Vatican City, the heart of the Catholic Church and home to the Pope. A fascinating place to visit in terms of religion, art, history, architecture and sociology, many tours in Rome include a visit here. One of the major attractions is St. Peter’s Basilica and its dome, which can be seen from miles away in any direction.

The basilica is only open until 6pm, or seven in the winter - meaning you might not be able to catch sunset here in the summer when the days are brighter and longer. If you are visiting Rome in the winter, however, it is well worth planning your Vatican visit to end at the dome. With the Vatican and Rome itself laid out beneath you, dripping warm yellow light, it’s definitely worth the climb! To get to the Vatican City take Line A and get off at Ottaviano, then walk down Via Ottaviano for around ten minutes.

Parco degli Acquedotti

If you want to enjoy the sunset somewhere that few tourists are likely to venture out to, then this is the spot for you. Around 8km south of Rome’s city center is Parco degli Acquedotti - otherwise known as Aqueducts Park. It covers around 240 hectares, and contained aqueducts built over 2,000 years ago by the ancient Romans.

Locals love it here, and it’s the perfect place for an afternoon picnic before you wait for the sun to go down. The silhouettes created by the aqueducts are fascinating to see, and the peaceful atmosphere makes this one of the very best places to watch the sunset in Rome. Take Line A from Termini station to Giulio Agricola station, and walk for around 7 minutes until you reach the park. It couldn’t be easier to see a spectacular sunset away from the city’s hustle and bustle!

Rome is a beautiful city, and no matter where you are you’ll be surrounded by beauty in the form of nature, architecture and artwork. But the above places are really special when it comes to finding the perfect place to enjoy the sunset - whether you’re on a family vacation, a Rome tour or a romantic getaway, seeing the sun setting above a city full of rich history and incredible stories is something that you’ll never forget.