Pompeii is an incredible part of Italy. There is so much history in this one area, and a day tours from Rome to Pompeii are a way of stepping back in time to this ancient maritime civilization. Destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD, Pompeii remains frozen in time. It is the perfect place for history buffs and inquisitive minds to learn more about ancient Roman life: from the forum to the brothels and the public baths to the villas that line the city streets, there is so much to see.

And hopefully, Pompeii will be open to visitors for years to come. But the fact of the matter is that the buildings which exist in this ancient city were never intended to last for as long as they have done - and the sheer footfall across Pompeii every year is phenomenal. Around 2.5 million tourists head to the site every year on Pompeii tours, to follow in the footsteps of the ancient Romans that once lived their day to day lives in this fascinating place. Something needs to be done so that the site remains for generations to come. Here are six simple ways in which we can work together to future-proof the ancient city of Pompeii…

1. Don’t visit at peak times

Peak times, such as during summer vacation, are incredibly busy for Pompeii. Thousands upon thousands of visitors walk through the ancient city on tours from Rome to Pompeii - and every single footstep wears the stones down just a little bit more. If you can, plan your visit for a quieter time when there aren’t as many crowds jostling for space and potentially having to brush up against or lean on the buildings that make up the city.

2. Be respectful at Pompeii

Following on from the previous point, make sure to respect your surroundings when visiting on a Pompeii tour from Rome. Try to tread carefully, and don’t touch the bricks, rocks and stones that make up the buildings of this ancient city. Don’t lean against walls or sit on anything - and of course, do not take anything from Pompeii. Ensure that your children are aware of the need to respect this incredibly interesting archaeological site, too. It is somewhere that provides such a unique and up-close learning opportunity, but it can be appreciated without touching, moving or breaking anything.

3. Don’t eat or drink inside Pompeii

There are, of course, exceptions to this. If it is a hot day and you are feeling dehydrated, then do ensure you drink some water. Likewise, if you have low blood sugar and need to stay on top of your food intake, do so. But general snacking - and picnics - should be avoided. Spillages and littering are detrimental to Pompeii; future-proofing the ancient city is important, and this is a simple way in which we can help ensure it survives for future visitors.

4. Improved excavation techniques

While this is not something we as visitors are directly involved in, the excavation techniques used at Pompeii are worth knowing about. The site has been under excavation since the 1700s, but they haven’t always used the best excavation techniques - so the site has slowly deteriorated over time. The European Commission have been funding improved types of excavation to ensure that the ancient city of Pompeii can survive. They also expect that future excavations will attract an extra 200,000 visitors every year - which is why it is more important than ever to take on board the ways in which we can future-proof Pompeii.

5. Archaeological developments

As time passes, archaeologists and historians are developing new ways of working. With cost-effective digital scanning techniques, the teams working at Pompeii can see what is yet to be excavated. It is more precise then previous methods, as well as being quicker. By using 3D laser scanning, masonry analysis and photogrammetry the archaeologists and historians don’t even have to visit the site to learn more about what Pompeii once looked like. They can create virtual archives which can, at some point in the future, be 3D printed to scale for tourists to visit.

6. Pay your entrance fees

On our tours to Pompeii from Rome, your site entrance fees are included. This is important because the money raised from people visiting the ancient city is used for preservation of the site. Your fees pay for monitoring and amenities that protect Pompeii and may ultimately lead to even better archaeological developments in the future. It is worth paying the cost of a ticket when visiting Pompeii, to know that others may have the same experience for years to come!

Pompeii is one of the best examples of what life was like in ancient Rome. Our Rome tours to Pompeii are popular for many reasons. With mosaic artwork, ancient graffiti, casts of human bodies who died trying to flee from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, it is truly one of the most interesting places in the world. There is so much to see and explore, so much to learn and enjoy - as long as visitors respect the site, then we can future-proof Pompeii so that it can continue to provide such a valuable insight for historians and tourists alike. And if you tour Pompeii from Rome with us, you’ll be able to skip the line and enjoy walking around the ancient city at your own pace! Not only that, but round-trip transfers on an air-conditioned coach are included as standard.